Fang Gal R6 - Stirling Maiden Fang

  • 8/23/2018

From ThreeA - August 23, 2018:

“Francois Haunch, small time witch’s coven stooge and self-titled freelance Magus, first spoke of the Stirling Maiden Fang in 1973, which he says was liberated from a curio antique store in Essex England sometime in early Spring, 1972.

The first Stirling Maiden Fang was first discovered in Northern France by an offshoot of the Templar Knights known as the Garde de Nuitin in 1238 somewhere in the Pyrenees Mountains. Publicly exhibited only once before by King Louis XIV in 1710, then lost to the following centuries, only to be found by Francois!

Francois vanished along with his Stirling Maiden Fang in May, 1974, during the offbeat haunting of Frencham House in Leatherhead Surry.* Now even more strangely, the Stirling Maiden Fang has found itself available on Bambaland!”

LTD Pre-made

Release Price $100
Size 12 inches tall
What's In the Box
Edition Size 50
Package Type Box
Designer Ashley Wood
Points of Articulation

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