Ashtro Lad Opera MK2

  • 5/17/2020

Opera Ashtro Lad MK2 version - Second in the new Ashtro Lad 10” series

“Keeping the city of Opera free. Free from the wave of metal mutilation” - Underverse Explorer Newsletter #2, April 2020

“Opera was, was.. A strange city, as it once spanned two worlds. Connected by a space-bridge it was considered a marvel of the Pre-Flip Universe. A combination of two pristine orbs adjoined by a golden thread, where the arts were put above all.

It was said to see these worlds was to renew, a glimpse cured all ill; war, destruction and darkness were there, but funneled into art, expelled and used in a subordinate manner.

This world, which seemed more a dream than real, existed as the home seat of Erato the Muse, beyond the power of a million stars being born, fueling all around her. An initial target of WOMM (Wave of Mechanical Mutilation). Opera was at war early in the WOMB epoch. Erato being an original Muse, fought for her binary canvas for a lifetime of many things. A mother shielding her brood, she stopped wave after wave of WOMM, till one day she was gone; without a sound, a muse fell.

It’s all right, come on home tonight.

And, so, he did. An ASHTRO LAD appeared just when all was lost, the power of the Underverse in a kitten’s paw.

They called him Opera.

Underverse.com, April 2020

Sale offered on underverse.com and taobao.com for Asian market. Reportedly, taobao stock sold out in minutes. Second release in the 10" Ashtrolad series.

Release Price $120
Size 10"
What's In the Box Optional facemask available at time of order, related to the global covid-19 pandemic of 2020
Edition Size Limited
Package Type Box
Designer Ashley Wood
Makers Sculptor: Maxim
Production: Jacky Chu
Points of Articulation 3 - at the neck and shoulders

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