COZTRO Freedom Soldier MK1

  • 5/31/2020

“71 - 17th / Day Locust / Your Hero (4U) / ASHTRO LAD 10 - COZTRO first appeared when the city of OPERA was overthrown by The WOMM. By all accounts there are many variants of this masked vigilante; some say that everyone sees what colors their heart desires (unsubstantiated)

The name COZTRO is slang, made up to fill the void of what to call this freedom fighter of OPERA. The COZ part derives from the term “Cozplay” (referring to as dressing and assuming the persona of a character), the “TRO” part derives from the ASHTRO LAD head being worn.

10.1 - COZTRO it seems spends day and night battling the robot insurgents that go about destroying hope and filing the city of OPERA with anxiety, dread and emptiness. Clad in black t-shirt, long shorts and sneakers, with large steel boxing gloves (and the already mentioned ASHTRO LAD head).

Who is COZTRO? Where did COZTRO acquire the helmet and glove?

  • They look very official. Is it actual ASHTRO LAD gear? Now exhale deeply, empty the lungs, and attempt the ability to take in what you are reading.

Note the difference between the head of COZTRO and the head of ASHTRO LAD: there is a difference.

11 - Place fist thumbs down, firmly, againat your foe. Repeat movements, slowly, many times.” Underverse Explorer Newsletter #3, May 2020

Blind box assortment of 4 randomized variants, which include Blue hair/gloves, Yellow hair/gloves, Gray 'Moon Watch' G2 style, Dark Gray Shadow-style with teary eyes. The figure's body is a 3rd-party 'bootleg'. "71" printed on the back of the black shirts, probably represents Ashley Wood's birth year of 1971. Coztro represents Ashley Wood's "fighting art totem', because "art needs to be smacked around sometimes and metal boxing gloves are just the treat!" - Underverse Explorer, no.3, 2020.

Release Price $140 + S/H
Size 12"
What's In the Box
Edition Size
Package Type Box
Designer Siuyin and Ashley Wood
Makers Sculptor: Maxim (hands
Production: Jacky Chu
Points of Articulation 25

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