Kitty in a Can Series 01

  • 2023

Series One consists of 9 possible Kitty colorways:

  • Ghost Kitty – Every Kitty that’s ever died wrapped into one!

  • Clear Sky Cloudy Pies – Found in the upper stratosphere, quite the biter!

  • Eddy – The Best Friend that always watches over you!

  • Boi Shadey – Now you know who took a shit in the punch bowl!

  • Dirty Boi – A mind and mouth that can make anyone blush!

  • Fizz GID – Lights your path to who knows where!

  • Peach Nuts – A kiss that’s soft and fuzzy, like an air of peach nuts!

  • Pink Fluffer – Always ready for action, a real pink fluffer!

  • Scot Curry – Loves a spicy curry, he is from Scotland!

Single Blind Box Includes: 1x Kitty in a Can (Randomly Distributed)

9 Pack Blind Box Set Includes: 9x Kitty in a Can (Randomly Distributed)

Some Kitties are more rare than others, some come flocked, some with different facial expressions, one even glows in the dark! Collect them all!

Release Price $30 including shipping
Size 4" (10cm)
What's In the Box
Edition Size
Package Type Blind Box in a pull-tab metal can
Designer Ashley Wood
Makers Sculptor: Maxim
Points of Articulation 0

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