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Beijing Gathering

6/25/2010 -

Some of the items for sale or on display at this show:

  • Hatchery Guard Large Martin ($300 USD)
  • Hatchery Guard TK ($150 USD)
  • Beijing De Plume (KUAN TI PLUME: The First Fallen) ($130 USD)
  • WWRp Gebi de Plume ($35 USD)
  • Tomorrow Queen ($130 USD)
  • Adventure Saturday Set ($320 USD)
  • Badbot (2-eyes versuib) ($150 USD)
  • “Chunky Bits” book by Ashley Wood ($25 USD)
  • “Urge ourselves under” book by Phil Hale ($25 USD)
  • “Entreat 3A” book featuring toy photography of ThreeA ($35 USD)
  • Gathering poster set ($20 USD), featuring posters by Ashley Wood, Phil Hale, Jeremy Geddes, Rufus Dayglo
  • 1/1 Squares (at least 11 featuring various early 3A colorways - EMGY, Ghost, NYC Deep 5, NYC 86)
  • 1/1 WWR Large Martin (articulated, 3.08M/665KG)
  • Original paintings and works by all guest artists

No merchandise listed yet

Event Dates 6/25/2010 -
City/Country Beijing China
Event Location Sanlitun Village
Event Guests Ashley Wood, Kim Fung Wong, Phil Hale, Kenny Wong, Dorothy Tang, Rufus Dayglo, Jeremy Geddes
Also Known As Beijing ju hui