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Tomorrow Kings + Popbot - Story and Lore

Tomorrow Kings exist as part of the world of Popbot.

[Popbot] comics are out of print and IDW doesn't have any current plans to reprint them. Their involvement in the Popbot comics is pretty minimal. The last issue to come out has the most TK content in it.

Their popularity came from the toys and art. Because there is so much interest in them Ash expanded their storyline, developed different ranks and factions, and was inspired to make some breathtaking art. That's how the TKs became what they are today.

There is a book called, "The Art of Tomorrow Kings" that contains all the TK artwork from 2008 until 2015 and is available on Amazon.

The TK stories are told in snippets of text with each figure that has come out – through newsletters, ads, snippets on the packaging, or from when Ash used to participate on the forums. There aren't any full scale dedicated TK comics or lengthy prose novels despite demand for them. Only Ash and TP Louise know the full extent of the stories.

- Gregory Prout, 3A, 2018

Q: You mentioned in a previous Q&A that TK weaponry is made by TK forgers, as I remember. Is there a class to these swordsmiths, or is it safe to assume that they are all absolute masters of their craft in the utmost? Which leads to the question; is there a legendary Master TK Swordsmith, or particularly famous (named) swords among TK and their enthusiasts? Like a TK Masamune?

A: Of course, each weapon the TK use is made by a weapons master, though their names are not common knowledge and their origins and whereabouts are clouded in myth and lies! The TK primarily use blade weapons against big ass metal robots, if those swords were not bordering on the mystic they wouldn’t survive long!

Q:As we know, most TK/TQs don’t have long lifespans; what TK/TQ has reached the oldest age, and how old was he or she when they died?

A: Some are chosen to live longer as their knowledge and guidance is commanded by the Whisper, the TK and their lives is still an unknown, most info on them is conjecture and speculation. Their story is indeed a complicated path...

Q: With the variety of weapons at a TK’s disposal, how do they decide which weapon suits them?

A: The weapons talks to them, they just know where and who to be!

Q: Do Tomorrow Kings still hold a sponsorship from Carnaby and Co.? Are TK with graphic tees a thing of the past?

A: And the future, they love their shirts, but there are many variants from today and tomorrow, remember the TK fight in the past, today and tomorrow, shirt companies come and go….

Q: Is it possible, that we will see Popbot 7BONES stand alone comic book release? Also is YOSHITSUNE aligned on TK Classics?

A: Well the 7Bones story is critical to the main Popbot story, it will be in there, one day, and yes the packaging for all 7bones follows the same line! Seven lives for half a breath, that's all it took to change the future... or so they say!

Q: You mentioned on Instagram “Yama’s Last Stand". Could you please let us know a bit more about it? Would he look the same as the OG?

A: Well it's Yama, but shit ain't gone so well over the years for him. Plus he sports a big ass gun now, too many targets for one sword! Has the beard and shit!

Q:Are there any more Ronin TKs that you have not introduced to us yet? Can you give us a name? Are there any Ronin TQs as well?

A: Well there is an army of Ronin TK’s they are Ronin as they didn’t like who their master was, they are from the edge of time, they are not just shit heels on the take, but saw the unseeable and went fuck, we need to scamper... that's the technical term the TK use... scamper... it all ties into the last TK story. I would love to make the Last TK comic, grrr nash grrr

- Ashley Wood, ThreeA Blog Q & A #37

Q: Do you have character design and backstory for every Tomorrow King you intend to make or it's more spontaneous process?

A: Everyone has story and reason for being, no fun for me if I dont, their part in the story and why they look the way they do is what I find the most interesting!

- Ashley Wood, ThreeA Blog Q & A #13