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T.P. Louise is an English writer and partner to Ashley Wood. Together they make up "7174". T.P. ("T" for...? "P" for "Paula"?) is the co-creator of Lore, WWR, Evenfall and creator of Isobelle Pascha. She also wrote Candlelands and contributes to most of Ashley Wood's books and stories. There isn't a lot of info about T.P. online and I've only located a single photo of her! It seems she likes to stay out of the limelight. She occasionally posts on Instagram (@tplouise) and sometimes offers a different view behind the scenes of the world of Ashley Wood -- but usually just enough to inspire more curiosity.

The World of Isobelle Pascha

(Written and Created by T.P. Louise. Art and Design by Ashley Wood) A Euro nymph with a talent for retelling every sordid tale she ever lived. The World of Isobelle Pascha titillates and stimulates even the most prudish of the prim. Isobelle along with her precocious comrades Lizbeth Paramour and Miyu share more than just adventures with each other. Cosplay, home videos, and sweet, sweet revenge are always on the docket.- 7174Publishing.com

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Books by T.P. Louise

  • Complete World War Robot (2010) by Ashley Wood, T.P. Louise
  • Lore Volume 1 (2004) by T.P. Louise, Ashley Wood
  • Lore Volume 2 (2007) by T.P. Louise, Ashley Wood
  • Lore: The Complete Edition (2012) by T.P. Louise, Ashley Wood
  • La rinascita dei miti vol. 1 (Italian, "The rebirth of myths" 2007)
  • Popbot by Ashley Wood, T.P. Louise
  • D'Airain #1 (2007) by T.P. Louise, Chris Ryall, Ashley Wood
  • D'Airain #2 (20012) by T.P. Louise, Chris Ryall, Ashley Wood
  • Fuck It Number One by Ashley Wood, T.P. Louise
  • Fuck It Number One (version 2, 2009) by Ashley Wood, T.P. Louise
  • Fuck It Number Two (2010) by Ashley Wood, T.P. Louise
  • Fuck It Number Three (2010) by Ashley Wood, T.P. Louise
  • 7174 ADVENTURE: prelude by Ashley Wood, T.P. Louise
  • Duostar Racers 1 (IDW Publishing, 2008)
  • Ghost of D'Airain Aventure (Ghost of D'arian Aventure, 2012)
  • Fuck It Number Four by Ashley Wood, T.P. Louise
  • Fuck It Omnipuss+ (2011) by Ashley Wood, T.P. Louise
  • CANDLELANDS BOOK ONE by T.P. Louise, Ashley Wood (Illustrator)

Her Thoughts on Re-Releasing Books

"...Since the art book was originally released lots of new people have discovered Ash's art and IDW thought it might be a good idea if those fans had the opportunity to own a great book, since every other edition is sold out. If you're feeling down because your future Ebay stash has suddenly lost value - well I believe Ash has said it multiple times before, it's about the images.

As for the question of whether originality has been dealt a fatal blow - I doubt it, the book was a good book then and is still a good book now. No one is asking anyone who already owns and loves the book to buy another edition, if you feel compelled to do so, that's between you and your bookcase.

Original work is produced quite literally by the day at our studio, we don't have assistants or a team of trained monkeys, anyone who cries foul when an older book is re-released needs to get a life, we love you guys but shit, let others' have their first edition, even if the third or fourth to you. We DO have new books coming this year for you to discover and enjoy."

- T. P. Louise, Worldof7174 blog post 2/8/2013

On Spotting Bootlegs (art, prints)

"The studio here at 7174 does not produce "minis", the larger print sizes that we are known to produce are the only ones we produce and they're always made with the highest quality rag papers and high end giclee inks. We do not produce prints on canvas, cheap paper or make use of lamination or block mounting.

Beware of any print that is too small, if the image is not clear and crisp, or if the seller is selling way below market and claims to be holding onto something super "rare". All of our prints are signed and numbered with ink, the ink used is not at one with the print, it sits on top, if someone tries to on-sell a print and the signature looks printed, then think twice about what you're being offered.

In regards to physical paintings, please note that we never reproduce artworks in editions on canvas, ever."

- T.P. Louise, Worldof7174 blog post 2/19/2013

What makes 3A so special?

"There's definitely something special about the people we've come to be surrounded by, whatever flavor your sauce is, everyone finds a fit and we love and admire all of you for it. Modern life can be so insular and so impersonal and here just the opposite has been achieved and it's been done not just in one small local area but across the globe. Anyone can buy a toy but it takes a group of exceptional people to form such an amazing community as this." - T. P. Louise, Worldof7174 blog 4/7/2013

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