3a Toys That Never Were

By Link to wang2nobody wang2nobody | 29 Jan 2020

(Note: This article was written in Chinese and has been Google-translated. Shared here with permission. Please forgive any weirdness. Images all copyright Ashley Wood, etc.)

Every time I open any of Ashley Wood's works, whether it is Popbot, ZvR, or WWR, I will be shocked by his imagination, every time.

There are too many characters in these comics or Art Book, each one has its own characteristics, if it can be made into a toy, it would be great. For many years, A Fat has been doing this, and countless classic images in his writing have been turned into movable dolls one by one, the rest is history.

Think about the way 3A was released over the years: A fat posted a notice on social networks, drew cakes in interviews, and exhibited white molds in the exhibition ... Bang! Suddenly on the shelves.

You don't have time to think, you can't look at the official map carefully, even at this time there is no official map at all, only a sketch. Only a fucking sketch! Buy it, what else can you do without it? 3A never let you down.

I can't believe it to this day. Who can sell hundreds of toys with just a sketch? Who else?

For example, this chopped cowboy, on this picture, should you buy it?

Footcutter Cowboy by Ashley Wood

Footcutter Cowboy by Ashley Wood

Disclaimer: The content released by this public account is all Fans behavior, and not associated with 3A, Threezero, Underverse official. Some photos come from web searches. If you have copyright issues, please contact us and it will be removed in time.

If you don't buy it, you will miss such a unique toy opportunity.

This is the charm of 3A.

Of course, in the past 10 years, Ash has also dug a lot of holes for himself, talking of toy plans but then not following-through with releases. The membership gift promised to be out one year but never came out — fail. I just hope Underverse can take the baton and fill in these holes one-by-one, so that Ash's fantasy world is more complete, and fans will realize their dreams.

Next, I will take stock of several "imaginary" products that I personally want the most. I hope UV staff can hear my call!

The Photographer

The characters in Popbot used to be released in 2018 when the 2018 Membership Gifts were released, but there was no news after that. Photographer was one of my favorite characters.

The Photographer by Ashley Wood


The same character in Popbot, a detective with his head in a glass jar.

According to reports, this paragraph is still under development.

The left picture below is Sherlock, and the other characters in the picture have not yet made any new moves.

Sherlock by Ashley Wood


Sorry, no picture. This is the AK line giant system that Ash has mentioned many times in interviews and has been under development. At first everyone speculated that it might be filled with jj astronaut's body + sponge, but later denied by North American staff Gregory.

Afterwards, the news came that a new body would be used, 16 inches high . After the samples were produced, they were put on hold because of the high cost. In an 18-year post, Gregory responded that the project had been cancelled.

Imagine what a 16-inch zombie looks like in your head.

Punk King

The core character in Popbot, the familiar Seven Bone TK is the personal bodyguard of the King of Punk. He was a punk singer before, and later led the TK to fight Queen Mortis.

The Punk King by Ashley Wood

Everyone speculated that he would be the last character of the 7 bones -- guess wrong. Later, there were rumors that it would be sold together with Mint Sister and the aircraft head (not yet). No more news at the moment, Punk King should be the most anticipated new role in the Popbot series.

Revelation JC

Before UV issued a notice about the new JC, I wonder if this is it? In an interview many years ago, Ash mentioned that the new JC will carry a huge cross, let us look forward to it.

Resurrection JC by Ashley Wood

Tank Girl

Ash's other comic series is also a highly anticipated character. It should be a wonderful one. Before, there were rumors that it would be a suit of a girl puppet + a vehicle tank.

Byron and the Hostess

Both of them are AK characters. They opened a restaurant together and only sold drinks and nothing else. Guess it should be a suit of robot + girl puppet. In fact, the setting of robot + girl puppet appears many times in Ash's recent works. I don't know if he is considering launching this set?

Byron and the Hostess by Ashley Wood

Let's take a look at some products that have already exhibited samples / original models but then died:

Star Wars hanging card series (licensing issue, never made)

Star Wars hanging card series by Ashley Wood

Kitty Queen

Kitty Queen by Ashley Wood

Vehicles with DC

Vehicles with DC by Ashley Wood

2000AD Tyrannosaurus (license expired)

2000AD Tyrannosaurus by Ashley Wood

Die Antewoord Answer Band Pikachu Set

Die Antewoord Answer Band Pikachu Set by Ashley Wood

WWRp new bodies (i.e. "Percy Bertie" the long neck tall bot)

WWRp new body by Ashley Wood

1/3 Oppai Adventure Liz (Canceled)

1/3 Oppai Adventure Liz by Ashley Wood

1/6 DDV2 Alberto 6 Pack

1/6 DDV2 Alberto 6 Pack by Ashley Wood

1/6 DDV2 Alberto 6 Pack by Ashley Wood

Half-life Gordon Freeman + dog set (license expired)

Half-Life Gordon Freeman by Ashley Wood

The Punisher (Marvel license expired before this figure was released)

Punisher by Ashley Wood

Dresden Frau Dark Parade Ms. (Canceled)

Dresden Frau Dark Parade Ms. by Ashley Wood

And two new TK that everyone is familiar with.

Of course, there are many other products that everyone is looking forward to (Which Ash has also revealed), such as:

Jungle Eminem, EMGY pills, GID luminous nose, 1/12 mk1 block (Emgy, Iron Panda, Merc, etc), Iron Panda big set and so on, etc. Everyone can use their imagination to figure out what is inferior to the existing colorway.

I have to say that Ashley Wood's fantasy world is endless. Each character has the potential to be transformed into a moving doll. I really look forward to Underverse continuing to use each of their products to rock my world.

Special thanks to Wang2nobody for giving me permission to post this article here. Not all images are credited on this page, so if you know sources please inform!

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