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EVENFALL - Story and Lore

(Story by T.P. Louise and Ashley Wood. Art and Design by Ashley Wood) She spreads her wings and Evenfall fell. Her children laughed and descended to play. The discordant society has no definition. Let us share this virtue and begin anew. For a few, asteroids represent the biggest threat to mankind. These few have come together to form T-O-T-E-M to be Earth’s first line of defense. Their mission to investigate and eradicate the interstellar horrors invading our solar system.

- 7174publishing.com - 7174 History and About page
Evenfall Overview

We don't know a ton about the world of Evenfall yet, but there have been some short stories, comic sequentials, posters and teasers included with the toy releases. The premise is that asteroids from space land on the Earth and carry some type of interstellar lifeform hellbent on making our planet their new discordant playground. The parasitic lifeform appears to take on human hosts and transforms them into horrible, hulking beasts known as "strigoi". The strigoi are human-like but much taller and distorted, with elongated limbs and skeleton-like features. They have large hands with long, creepy fingers. Strigoi use sharp, retractable barbs that protrude from the palm of their hands to infect and devour their victims. Strigoi hunger for human blood and have unquenchable vampiric appetites.

This terrible lifeform apparently comes from a "discordian society that has no definition", from somewhere in space. Their queen (referenced as 'she' in the promotional materials) has sent them out to play and "share this virtue and begin anew" on Earth.

In space, human outpost - Moonbase Omega, located on the dark side of the Moon and run by the TOTEM project - was the scene of the first infection, referred to as the "Alpha Infection". It's here that human totemnaut, Captain Henderson became infected and morphed into a strigoi. From that point, the infection spread to other totemnauts (Yellow Engineer, Security Red, Commander Astronaut - Night Shade Strigoi, Silver).

Using asteroids for transport, the strigoi make their way to Earth. The secretive TOTEM agents (Agent Ellis, Agent Hood) hunt and fight the strigoi using conventional weaponry and special advanced armaments known as the THUGBOT (Greyve Train Thug - black, Arctic Albino Thug - white, Thug Pugillo - red/white, Totem Alpha Contact - silver, Hazard Op Prometheus - red, Striker 047 - yellow, Wanpi Starchaser - blue, Spook Psychic Defence - GID).

How does a thug stop a Strigoi, bashes the fuck out of it, tears its limbs off etc, standard gun fire doesnt have much effect on Strigoi, a more brutal path is needed. A popular weapon of the THUG is the steel pole, blunt trauma wounds and all! My vision of EVENFALL isnt a smart or elegant on an invading alien force, its good old fashioned grit, if the aliens hit hard, hit em back harder! The Strigoi are just one of many things that are around, the thug suit is one of many offensive weapons...
- Ashley Wood, ThreeA blog Q and A (#20)