Strigoi Totemnaut Engineer Yellow

  • 3/9/2015

“Q: Were the Strigoi vampires human, then transformed into these creatures because of the parasites, or are they alien beings? How is it that the astronaut suits are designed to fit the elongated Strigoi bodies, and not human proportions?

A: Well there are two answers to this, The suits are super stretchy made from a hitech substrate that conforms to most in not any body type, a true one-size-fits-all, if you will! Second version, the shredded version accommodates the idea the suit ripped and got shredded as the body changed shape, so I’m offering the solid suit or the shredded suit to cover all bases as I like them both!” - Ashley Wood, ThreeA blog Q and A (#9)

“The Strigoi are very quick and strong when needed, but like to lope around when not attacking! The Strigoi come in many variations, the heads are always different, depending on the source.” - Ashley Wood, ThreeA blog Q and A (#10)

Nametag on yellow is "WYETH". GID version wears a shiny silver suit.

Release Price $180
Size 14 inches
What's In the Box Evenfall booklet written by Chris Ryall and illustrated by Ashley Wood
Edition Size
Package Type
Designer Ashley Wood
Points of Articulation 35

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