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Toy Fair 2014

2/14/2014 -

“Huge robots, beautiful women in animal costumes, Doctor Doom, Tribecas, and Todd McFarlane are just some ways to sum up the blur of this year’s New York City Toy Fair.

3A made their debut at the show and to put it lightly, killed. Thanks to the careful direction of Siu Yin and the help of the 3A crew, 3A’s presentation at the show thoroughly blew minds. Ashley Wood, Kim Fung Wong, and Brent Ashe were on hand to chat with attendees, retailers, licensors, fans and old friends.

Highlights from the last six years decorated the shelves, exhibiting the vast depth and range of 3A’s worlds from creator owned lines to licensed. Debuting at the show were Ashley Wood’s MARS - the Shogun Warrior-esque 24” robot, Action Mannequin Pascha, Doctor Doom, Squiddy Miyu, and a massive TK Hunter ready to dominate shelves everywhere. Also making their first appearance were Shopee, a line of elegant ball-jointed dolls created by Siuyin.”
Ashley Wood and TP Louise, 3A Adventure 001 (digital), April 2014 (page 6-7)

“Let me say this, NYC was great, 100% credit to the 3A team, I don’t think enough is said about them, from Gimbys and Gregory for their hardwork in the back ground, to Brent for his design and Siu Yin who really was the gate keeper of the entire booth and the way it was put together and run! Anyway ill dry the tears from eyes and say NYC was a blast , we are what are and that was on display , its always fun to get our tits out too!” - Ashley Wood, ThreeA blog Q and A (#21)

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Event Dates 2/14/2014 -
City/Country New York City USA
Event Location Javits Center
Event Guests Ashley Wood, William Wray, Amanda Visell, Phil Hale, Siuyin
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