Popbot 1

  • 2/25/2002

WARNING - SPOILERS AHEAD - We meet Kitty a once famous lead singer of the punk band, "2215 Funlicker", and his robotic companion, Popbot. We quickly learn that Kitty is not a very nice cat. A brief history of cyberbots and the Mortis is revealed by the great detective, Sherlock Holmes, who "has been around for 2000 years". He describes cyberbots through the ages and talks of their descent into darkness. The future doesn't look good for humanity, and it looks even worse for Kitty! A cast of characters are mentioned - Elvis Ronin - male samurai bots, Edith - one of Kitty's old flames. Who is Luther Bean and his son, Luther Bean Jr? Then there's the dark and mysterious Mr. Bridger, the textile kingpin(?) and his son. But the question remains - who created Kitty's friend and protector, Popbot? As the world of Popbot continues to unfold, we are introduced to a popular talk show program hosted by a clone of Andy Warhol. Kitty is getting press but it doesn't sound good. We get the sense that Kitty is not known for wise choices or good fortune.The Blind Cowboy makes an appearance as does Lady Sham. Issue 1 wraps up with yet another villainous character - an evil sock puppet - the devil!? And he's looking to collect on a debt from our feline friend.

Release Price
Size 8.5" x 11"
Pages 48
Edition Size
Release Date 2/25/2002
Format Paperback
Designer Ashley Wood
Authors Ashley Wood
Publisher IDW

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