Soy Dolphin AP

  • 2/16/2014

On the ‘Shadow’ and ‘Soy’ versions of characters: “They are just what they are, they don’t consider good or bad as a disposition, just following their natural agenda, they do seem to have a distaste for robots though!” - Ashley Wood, ThreeA blog Q and A (#16)

There are 14 figures in the Action Portable Series 1 set - Red Right Hand Tommy, Little Shadow (Shadow MK2 version), Cherry Bomb, Shit Got Real JC (Open Pale Style SGR JC version), Shit Got Real JC (Pale as Fuck SGR JC version), Bleak Mission, Merde Mission (Original version - dark jacket, black 3A logo shirt, fur lined hood), Merde Mission (Cold version - light jacket, blue pullover, fur lined hood), Golden Dolphin, Soy Dolphin (black), Removalist Zomb 01 (white), Removalist Zomb 02 (black), Johnson Ankou (orange boilersuit), Junglevet Ankou (camo).

Release Price
Size 6 inches
What's In the Box
Edition Size
Package Type Blister Card
Designer Ashley Wood
Points of Articulation

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