TK Unleashed YO AP

  • 7/21/2011

From the box, “Don’t Dance With Him My D*ck is Bigger 4 Pack”

“The latest incarnation of TK Unleashed featuring Melon, Action All Star, UHU and Apron String.

After the scandal of the first TK Unleashed, a new group rose from the ashes, sponsored by Credible Streetware Company, Fingersauce to give some credibility.

Getting away from the soft boy image of TK Unleashed Mk 1, the new group’s songs deal with hard-hitting stories of PC upgrades gone wrong, pirated software with hidden trojans and of course, Action All Star’s large dick.

With their new TQ manager, Res Freckles and songs about cool computer shit, the new TK Unleashed is ready to probe deep where they have not before.” - ThreeA

SDCC 2011 Exclusive available to 3AA members only. 4-pack each wearing a red tracky, black zippered jackets.

Release Price $65
Size 6 inches
What's In the Box 4 figures each with 2 x swords
Edition Size ~20
Package Type
Designer Ashley Wood
Points of Articulation

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