Ankou NLCS

  • 7/12/2010

The adventure Kartel is recruiting!

Ankou N.L.C.S. (Newlandria Local Containment Squad), - This figure was released as a blind box and features a weathered orange jumpsuit (“boiler suit”), plenty of pouches on around his waist, and a yellow-brown weathered paint finish on the figure itself. The series featured Shadow Security, Police, N.L.C.S and two secret chase Ankou. Each of these figures come fully painted, but dressed in weathered boiler suits and utility belts featuring several pouches. Ankou like to squish the Zomb with their “clippy claws, that are very clippy”, according to 3A.

No backstory yet...

Release Price $80 USD for the single, $220 USD for the Bambaland Exclusive 3-pack
Size 12 inches tall
What's In the Box double-sided poster comic
Edition Size unknown
Package Type single blind box, exclusive 3-pack at bambaland.com
Designer Ashley Wood
Makers unknown
Points of Articulation 30

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