Blanc de Plume

  • 12/8/2008

The third NOM release from ThreeA.

“A pale snow covered figure adrift in a wintery landscape, Blanc de Plume, gun at the ready. His dead black eyes staring off into the distance like a shark tracking down its prey. Designated a gift-release and completely altering how 3A could distribute their artistry. Only obtained by being personally gifted to by Ash himself, won in a prize on the Legion Outpost Message Boards, or from a randomly inserted sketch-prize in a previously released toy.” - TP Louise and Ashley Wood, 3A Adventure 001, April 2014 (page 36-37)

“Snowblind With Hate” - Printed on the box and shipper box

Extremely limited edition of 75 figures.

Release Price n/a
Size 12 inches tall
What's In the Box Fully functioning pouches, pockets, holsters, and belt
Edition Size 75
Package Type box
Designer Ashley Wood
Makers unknown
Points of Articulation 30

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