F-Legion 0024491

  • 1/13/2012

2012 3AA Membership figure. The first 1:6 scale figure to be included with the 3AA membership. Here’s the copy from the promotional poster from 3A:

“A relic from the NORTHERN SUBURB wars, the only remaining member of F-LEGION.

F-LEGION were experimental cyborgs designed to help the ADF against the hordes of robots pillaging the northern suburbs of New Andria!

0024491 was the only member to return from the mysterious ROBOT ISLAND after an ill-fated assault. 0024491 has never spoken of the mission and to this day still carries on his prime directive to protect the northern suburbs from all trouble merchants and shit stirrers.”

When asked if Ash would like to do a revised F-Legion figure, he replied, “Yea, I wanna do his buds, I imagine them like the A Team… yup, A TEAM!” - ThreeA Blog Q and A (#8)

2012 3AA membership bonus figure

Release Price $180
Size 12 inches
What's In the Box
Edition Size
Package Type clear bag with stapled card, packaged inside 3A messenger bag with a 3A ball cap
Designer Ashley Wood
Points of Articulation

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