Merde Mission

  • 4/14/2013

“Fuck you, you sniveling guttersnipe, I’m Merde Mission” - From the 3A Premade Sale promo piece

Merde Mission is the father of Bleak Mission and grandfather of Tommy Mission.

From the official promotional material from ThreeA:

“Adventure Kartel - Not For Starlings”

“If I was French, I would be called Shit. I’m OK with that. - Merde Mission”

“Merde was a Major, classic adventure soldier, fighting in obscure skirmishes in the Himalayas against Nazi Yeti, to hunting war ghost criminals throughout Africa etc etc!” - Ashley Wood, Q and A #40

When asked who would win in a fight, Merde, Bleak or Tommy, Ash replied, “Merde would clean ‘em all up, ruthless cunt of man, I mean Stallone, Schwartz, Die Hard era Bruce Willis - any fucker actually! C’mon his name is French for “shit”, you have to be tough to wear that mantle!” - ThreeA Blog Q and A (#8)

“… Merde has always had a penchant for German Shepherd, he see’s all other dogs as weak, unlike his now departed GS ROMMEL! Do we need a Rommel German shepherd, I would like one, actually we are working on a 1:1 Custard in Hoody and battle fatigues, I think a Shepherd would work well in 1:1. 3A pets, better that the real thing, why, they look cooler and dont piss or shit on your carpet! And if you want to buy a good quality living dog, our will be cheaper as well. 3A KENNELS!” - Ashley Wood, ThreeA blog Q and A (#16)

The Father of Bleak Mission. There were 2 releases of this awesome 4-pack - the first at the Japan Venture 3A event, along with a Bambaland.com version.

Release Price $
Size 12 inches tall
What's In the Box Removable cigarette
Edition Size unknown
Package Type box
Designer Ashley Wood
Makers unknown
Points of Articulation 30

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Cold Merde PREMADE ltd by Ashley Wood, 3A Toys

1:6 Scale - 10/10/13

Cold Merde PREMADE ltd

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1:6 Scale - 9/19/2015

Sunday Morning Adventure Pack Zombot

Sunday Morning Adventure Pack Tommy by Ashley Wood, 3A Toys

1:6 Scale - 9/19/2015

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Bleak Mission by Ashley Wood, 3A Toys

1:6 Scale - 

Bleak Mission