Nom De Plume

  • 6/24/2008

“Histoire de Plume ~ The morning of June 25th 2008 at 9AM in the Hong Kong time zone saw the first release from 3A on Ashley Wood’s webstore, Bambaland. NOM de Plume quickly set the high standard for things to come. Hand sculpted, hand painted, with hand crafted clothing making each of thelimited figures unique. The toy’s clothes looked grimy, the patina on the helmets and gas masks looks like actual battle worn metal. His belt, holster, pouches, and pockets all fully functioning. A massive hand cannon as his sidearm. His gas mask; a flexible apparatus. His boots look caked with mud. The level of weathering and detail made themstand out from the cleaner looks of other 1/6th scale figures. The toyslooked like they had actually been in the shit. All of these things and not just something to sit idly on a shelf, but a fully articulated and more importantly playable figure. The packaging is just as impressive as the toy itself. Presented with a painted image of NOM de Plume that stares you down as you open the box. Between the incredible design work by Ash and the expertise of Kim and his crew they were on to something truly groundbreaking.” - TP Louise and Ashley Wood, 3A Adventure 001, April 2014 (page 34-35)

According to the story, nobody has ever seen Nom de Plume’s face beneath his mask, which is why his mask and helmet are not removable on the figure. The toys were previously explained by Ash as having different names to accommodate for Nom de Plume’s changing appearance, but that they were one individual character represented by different guises. As Jung de Plume was released, it was stated that this was a different character and the release of the Fallen de Plumes saw further identity confusion. Ash clarified on the old 3A forums that only Nom de Plume and Noir de Plume are the same character. Although this contradicts the descriptions that had been previously given, it is likely due to the fact that Ash is continually developing the story and world in which World War Robot takes place. This means that all the “de Plume” characters beginning with Blanc de Plume, and further, are indeed unique characters.”

Source - threeawiki.com (defunct website) via the waybackmachine.com

The first toy release from ThreeA. Market update - sold on ebay 6/4/19 for $2493 + 25.45 s/h @ 6 bids (with both ankle pegs broken and a detached shoulder joint).

Release Price
Size 12 inches tall
What's In the Box
Edition Size 50
Package Type box
Designer Ashley Wood
Makers unknown
Points of Articulation 30

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