Shit Got Real JC

  • 10/1/2013

“Q: What’s the story behind Shit Got Real JC? Is he on f*cking Robot Island fighting robots? …must be harder than fighting Zombs, hence “shit got real” for JC. Is that what you had in mind as well? And will we see other “SHIT GOT REAL” versions of AK characters or is that just a JC thing? A: It’s the next phase of JC’s life, as he believes a harder stance is needed as there are too many zombies, mumbs and other crazy shit!” - Ashley Wood, ThreeA blog Q and A (#4)

Q: Will SGR JC have a poster/comic? Any chance we could see some shots of the Pale as Fuck JC chase or the Dead Astronaut Gangsta packaging or box art? A: As the Show version didn’t I was told it wasn’t fair to have one in the Bamba version, when I say told, I mean the general consensus around the web. - Ashley Wood, ThreeA blog Q and A (#17)

Features a "New Pissed Off Head Sculpt". Was an ACG Comics & Games Expo 2013 Exclusive and a Bambaland release. Has green camo pants.

Release Price $130
Size 12 inches tall
What's In the Box
Edition Size unknown
Package Type box
Designer Ashley Wood
Makers unknown
Points of Articulation 30

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