• 9/18/2014

MARS is the lead WBR robot, the most famous and recognized of William Best’s robots. - Ashley Wood

“Mars is my Shogun Warrior I guess, thats where my heart is with him, in the WBR universe he the big gun, kick ass robot etc, he appears when a kicking is needed! The scale is 1/12th, so the human characters will be 6” etc, and other robots will fit into that scale ,the release after Mars is way smaller and so on. WBR gives me lots more latitude for style, I can do big Shogun warrior type design, then a 60’s style robot, there isnt a strict design brief because all these robots are from all over, not a single designer or company like WWR. Will reveal MARS soon, flashy looking fucker for sure and the size just makes it all the sweeter! Looks good fighting the TK hunter too!” - Ashley Wood, ThreeA blog Q and A (#16)

“Q: Will the new WBR MARS robot have a nemesis baddie to fight with? How soon will we see such a WBR evil bad bot if so.

A: I never said WBR were the good guys?” - Ashley Wood (2014), ThreeA blog Q and A (#21)

This figure was released as an experiment, according to Ashley Wood, and offered at a break-even price.

Release Price $230
Size 24 inches
What's In the Box Fires a spring-loaded missile
Edition Size
Package Type
Designer Ashley Wood
Points of Articulation 36

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