Popbot - photo by Barton_ltm


It's always been a story about a guy who loses himself and has a cool cat!

- Ashley Wood Q and A #13

Story by T.P. Louise and Ashley Wood Art and Design - Being the adventures of Kitty, lead singer of the most popular band in the world, his mysterious bio-mechanical bodyguard Popbot, and everyone he’s ever pissed off. With the invention of the Ion Engine, man is able to extend its reach to the wilds of the underverse where time is in continual flux, dreams and reality intertwine, and the world is overtaken by the Mortis, sex bots set on enslaving humanity. Lady Sham awakens to hunt the devilish Mr. Bridger, Andy Warhol clones host chat shows.

- 7174publishing.com, Ashley Wood, T.P. Louise

POPBOT is a term for computer networks, plus its the word POP. I’m a fan of POP artists as well. It seemed natural to put POP with BOT, bot obviously short for ROBOT.

- ThreeA blog Q and A #3, Ashley Wood
Popbot Movie Promo from SDCC 2011

Popbot the Comic

Popbot is the name of an award-winning prestige format comic book written and illustrated by Ashley Wood and published by IDW Publishing. The Maxx creator, writer & illustrator Sam Kieth helped Ash script the first issue. There are eight single issues released so far, collected in different formats.

- threeawiki.com (now defunct)

Tomorrow Kings & Queens

They train from childhood, when they hit certain skill levels they go into active service.

- ThreeA Blog Q and A (#41)


How did Punk King selected his personal guards? What is so special about the 7Bones rougues to be chosen by The Forth.

The Punk king was assigned them by Luthor Bean JR. They are considered 7 of the best in their individual skills, so its natural they were given the task of guarding the King. As mentioned, they all know the day they die and how, so they fight without fear, they know their part in the history!

- ThreeA Blog Q and A (#9)

I actually figured out the entire sequence of their death, its tragic but cool, a pivotal moment of 8 seconds.

- ThreeA Blog Q and A (#13)

The Underverse

The Underverse is a void, [without oxygen, so breathing masks are] needed when hanging out in it!

- ThreeA Blog Q and A (#40)

The Mortis

High-tech pleasure devices, sex-bots if you will, that turned on humanity and declared war. Lead by the indestructible Mortis Queen, they seek world domination.

...the MORTIS do like to represent their clans through color and design

- ThreeA Blog Q and A (#8)


It's a big ass Dark bot ol' Schatten, only famous as a he existed before and after, that's a key position in the PB universe, before and after!. There are many robots at the disposal of the Mortis, they don’t like to actually sully themselves fighting etc. Devil bots are mid range at best!

- ThreeA Blog Q and A (#39)