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The Dutch Mercs can be recognized by the white circle with the letter "Z" reversed out, off-center lower right. This colorway is characterized by a dark, rusty brown base and a high-contrast yellow accent. The Dutch flag colors are represented as subtle red, white and blue stripes as an armband or as decals on canisters, etc. There are also applications of white angled stripes and white decal-style artwork.

*All WWR faction design and colorway elements are © ThreeA Trading Co LTD 2018. © 7174 PTY LTD 2018

Detailed breakdown by Gar for the World War Robot Museum blog:

"Zwarte Torens" or "Black Towers" in English, is a Private Dutch Mercenary group without affiliation to the Netherlands or any of the fighting forces in the World War Robot universe. It has no historical reference in the Netherlands. Dutch Mercs are mostly hired guns for private interest. They hardly do any military stuff.

This colorway came into existence in the WWR universe based on a discussion about Dutch mercenaries on the old 3A toys hyperboard forum.

Zwarte Torens is the 4th time a Mercenary was shown in the WWR universe. First was a 1/6 scale Gatling gun Merc prototype Bramble Mk2 which was never released, but later revised in 1/12 scale as the Italian Merc Nero4. The other was the retailer exclusive 1/6 Merc Square Mk1.

Dutch Merc Caesar also has the word "gevaar" on the canister on his back, which means "danger". Also, as mentioned before, Zwarte Torens is Dutch for Black Towers.

On the Bertie Mk3 when the arm is rotated forward the flag changes from the Dutch flag to the French flag. In reference to Mata Hari being Dutch and being a double agent for the French during WW1. - Alex Erhardt

Bertie Mk3: Sports the name "Mata Hari" who was the stage name of Margaretha Geertruida (Griet) Zelle. A Dutch exotic dancer who was convicted and executed by the French in 1917 for being a spy for Germany during World War 1. Dutch Merc Caesar and Mighty Square Dutch Merc: "Harpertszoon", probably refers to "Maarten Harpertszoon Tromp", a Dutch navy Admiral during the Dutch golden age who defeated the Spanish Navy during the Battle of the Downs.

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