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The Gravedigger colorway starts with a dark, gun metal grey base color. Front and center is the olde script font of the letter, "G". Next pile on lots of black weathering and some rust. Top it all off with a bone-white, violent looking cross... Like "X" marks the spot or is it a crucifix? You'll find the label, "Worm Food" on a Gravedigger, and other bright sayings like, "Counting bodies like sheep".

*All WWR faction design and colorway elements are © ThreeA Trading Co LTD 2018. © 7174 PTY LTD 2018

Q: What is the role of the Gravedigger colorway? Do they actually dig graves for the dead, or are they inspiring fear? A: Its a "WOOO - WE ARE SCARY" kinda name. The GRAVE DIGGERS "were" renown for getting the job done, until they didnt, which in fact gave them more of a mythic quality. That story will be told.

- Ashley Wood, ThreeA blog Q and A (#7)

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