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Ver Bamba

  • 4/2007

"Ver Bamba" - A play on "Ver Sacrum" , the official magazine of the Vienna Secession, 1898-1903. Ver Sacrum means "sacred spring" in Latin. cofounded by Gustav Klimt, featured Egon Schiele and others

April 2007. So while checking Lulu regarding some other order, I happened to see a new Ashley Wood book- Ver Bamba(test). I ordered it, noting that it was very reasonably, if oddly, priced - $11.19? It soon shipped, but disappeared from the store.

It arrived, but seemed unfinished. Double page spreads didn't line up, colors seemed off, some art was lost in the "gutter", margins weren't right...

I asked Ash about it and this is what he wrote back:

"yea the lulu was a format test, printing looked crummy and Im quality whore..."

So that's why it was never announced. He had uploaded the .pdf to Lulu, and very briefly had it for sale so he could order a "test pressing" to be printed and shipped to him. Hence the odd pricing, he had the "profit slider" all the way down since he only planned to have one printed. I just happened to snag one while it was up.

He abandoned Lulu, and the content for Ver Bamba ended up in other books (Gutsie Gator 1.5, Sparrow 6, Swallow...).

Rarest Ashley Wood book? As far as I know, I ordered the only other one. & Ash probably destroyed his! Have never seen any others pop up anywhere.

David Dingman

Release Price $11.19
Size --
Pages n/a
Edition Size unknown
Release Date 4/2007
Format n/a
Authors Ashley Wood

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