Square Nightwatch (1:1)

  • 2/6/2015

Square 1:1 are life-sized, hand-painted statues cast in resin. There were several color variants released, each limited to only 3, though the 2015 promotional poster lists “LTD EDITION OF 17”, so some of the edition numbers per colorway are uncertain.

Check out these life-sized Squares: JDF (Japan Defence League), Medic, Meow CD, Squaro, DIY, EMGY, Daywatch, Nightwatch, Peaceday

Still need fan photos of the following, plus a few more: Hard Thirty Corp - Red, weathered with white markings. White circle around its right eye with white tooth. “Thirty steps beyond hard” listed under the “Thirty Corp” title. Pascha-like illustration on the top.

Heel Div 72 - Pale green finish, weathered. White markings with black outlines. Severed foot in high heel illustrated on the side. #72 on the front with other white accents.

*Weighted Companion Square” - Based on the “Weighted Companion Cube” from the “Portal” video game universe. White and light gray, with a pink heart decal in the center. Featured in the promotional poster from ThreeA.

According to the World of 3A Legion Outpost forum (by member x43x), colorways available at the Beijing Gathering 2010 included Medic, Peaceday, Deep Powder, EMGY, Nightwatch, Daywatch, Ghost Hunter, Merc, Little Red, Euro, Desert

From Gregory Prout on the ThreeA Legion FB board - "From memory there are two in Germany, one in Latvia, one in the Netherlands, a couple in Spain, and yours. At least two in Singapore, and one in Japan. Three in NY, one in California, one in Washington, one in the DC area, and I want to say one in the south. The rest are in Hong Kong/Thailand/China." (2019) ... Then also from the fan comments - "One in New Jersey" (Aaron R.) and "One in Mexico" (Jorge Z.)

Release Price $$$$
Size unknown
What's In the Box unknown
Edition Size 18
Package Type unknown
Designer Ashley Wood
Makers unknown
Points of Articulation none

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