Ankou Two Way Pack

  • 7/12/2010

2-Pack included an Ankou figure (N.L.C.S. Commander Ankou, yellow boiler suit, orange left sleeve, orange pouches, orange body color) and Zomb.2 (“new zomb head sculpt”, filthy white boilersuit with pink blood-like stains all over, name tag: “Andy”).

From ThreeA:

“The adventure Kartel is recruiting! Your Klimt is on my Egon - The Ankou + Zomb Twoway Pack”

Ankou Sentry, or Ankou (pronounced: on-koo) as it’s commonly referred to, was first released as a blind box. The series featured Shadow Security, Police, N.L.C.S and two secret chase Ankou. These figures come fully painted, but dressed in weathered boiler suits and utility belts featuring several pouches.

According to ThreeA: “Ankou like to squish the Zomb with their “clippy claws, that are very clippy”

No backstory yet...

Release Price $150 USD
Size 12 inches tall
What's In the Box 2 figures, plus an Ankou Sentry poster, "F*ck the ZOMB" - AK004
Edition Size Limited release
Package Type Exclusive 2-pack at bambaland.com
Designer Ashley Wood
Makers unknown
Points of Articulation 30

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