Dark Blind Cowboy

  • 04/30/2013

From the official ThreeA promotional material:

“SHADOW SLINGER” (Dark version of Blind Cowboy)

This amazing figure was offered as part of the Dead Equine Super Set, which included the Dark version of his ghost horse, “Ghost”.

The story from ThreeA: “I need your services in locating some naughty lads, who owe me some payments! Thirteen lads to be clear… These tricky boys have gone where, well to be honest I cannot go, so I need you to go there and bring them to me. On Earth… New Manchester.

Oh, I forgot to mention, as a deal sweetener, I’ll bring back your Dead Equine, but he will continue to decay. That’s a Devil thing, with one sock I give, the other I take away, you know that ol’gem. One last thing. While you’re in my Dark Service, so will you look it! Your color will return when you have completed you task!”

No backstory yet...

Release Price $270 USD
What's In the Box Poncho, hat, guns, Tombstone Rifle, blindfold with JFK's blood, Red Devil sock puppet
Edition Size
Package Type box
Designer Ashley Wood
Points of Articulation 30

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