I Am Legion For We Are Many Threea Custom Show

By Link to Phil Back Phil Back | 04 Nov 2011

"I Am Legion - For We Are Many", the 3A custom show that took place November 4 - December 4, 2011, at the 1:AM Gallery in San Francisco, CA.

1AM Gallery and curator, James Brown, are proud to present the first official 3A custom toy art show titled “I Am Legion”. This show gives fans, collectors and art enthusiasts an opportunity to experience the talent within the 3A community and witness how a unique independent toy company, who is always looking forward, can inspire individual artists worldwide.

“I Am Legion” features a mix of artists and collectors from across the globe uniting to share ideas and a common love for toys and art. The exhibit opens on Friday, November 4th from 6:30 to 10:00pm and will run through December 4th.

The primary goal of the show is to introduce 3A toys to the art world in a way that has not yet been attempted and challenge people to look at toys in a different light. In selecting the artists, curator James Brown, chose to invite both unknown artists who are fans of 3A as well as more renowned artists in order to combine both converse dynamics; creating a multifaceted art show with a variety of interpretations that offer contrasting perspectives and aesthetics as applied to the customized toys.

1AM Gallery - Facebook Event

Here's a great, video walk-through of the show by toybot on YouTube

A great blog write-up by JME

Participating Artists

  • anubis2night – James Brown
  • Brizl – Leonard Brizuela
  • Bubblegumking – Marc Dooley
  • Bubo – Michael Reilly
  • Chasbrock – Charles Brock
  • CKwan Chan
  • Crestone – Ralph Subia
  • CrisR – Cris Rose
  • Chutugizzard – Michael Swisstack
  • Dodgrr
  • EdGein – Bryan Fulk
  • Fseb – Hebert Sébastien
  • Hanouman – Labro Sebastien
  • Konfucious – Mawuli Dzirasa
  • KidAkira
  • Makadi3000
  • Matthew Dunn
  • muffinman – Malte Fulda
  • Nike Jerk – Jared Cain
  • Piino – Michelle Perez
  • PrimerReactor 88
  • Rsin
  • Sail
  • wwwetworks – Carlo Cacho
  • R. Cody Fultz
  • Drilone
  • Kenn Munk
  • Ultraman Fong
  • Moist aka Jason Freeny
  • Artgerm – Stanley Lau
  • Lily Black
  • Leecifer
  • nwo – Domo Wasaki
  • Frank Kozik
  • Luke Chueh
  • Ferg
  • Master Lok
  • Mr. Munk
  • Amanda Visell
  • Pushead
  • Ron English
  • Keithing
  • Tokidoki
  • Ashley Wood


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